It’s Here! Soul’s Gate is Here!
November 5, 2012, 5:01 am
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Good news on two fronts:

1. I’ve won the coveted title of worst blogger ever. Unfortunately I’m planning on losing the title by upping my posting schedule by 3,567% starting in a few weeks. (Which would have me posting once a month.) That might cut me out of the running for the title next year. No worries.

2. My fourth novel, Soul’s Gate has just released. I’m not big on promoting myself so I’ll share a couple of thoughts from others:

Publishers Weekly: “Readers with high blood pressure or heart conditions be warned: this is a seriously heart-thumping and satisfying read that goes to the edge, jumps off, and “builds wings on the way down.”

RT Book Reviews Top Pick! with a 4.5-star review:
Rubart’s novel is enthralling and superlative. Truly a story about freedom from things that we hold onto, this tale will captivate readers and encourage a more active, dynamic spiritual life. The original plot and well-drawn characters elevate this book to “must read” status.”

And of course you can check out the reader reviews at the various online book sellers. (Amazon has by far the most at this point.)

FYI if you’re thinking about laying out some coin of the realm for this novel, there are two versions. The normal version which you can buy just about everywhere online and in brick and mortar stores, and the exclusive Barnes & Nobler version.

This was fun.

We did three extra chapters for the B&N version plus a special authors note. (You can buy it online or in store.)

There you be. Three books a week is all I ask. (Yes, free almonds with purchase.)

Much freedom, friends,