Robert Liparulo’s New Book
April 24, 2012, 7:31 pm
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Robert Liparulo gave me a wonderful endorsement for my first novel, ROOMS, so it was great fun to be able return the favor for his latest, The 13th Tribe.  The book is out now and thought I’d give a quick rundown on it.

Up till now his books have been written with a Christian worldview, but little direct Christian content. This novel is different and has an instantly compelling premise:

What if there were a 13th Tribe of Israel? And what if they were immortals who existed to this day? And what if this tribe held a twisted belief they could earn God’s favor by exacting vengeance those they see as sinful?

Plus these guys are into high tech which means they’re putting countless other people’s lives in dangeer as well.

Sound good? It is. It’s a great read.