Geography: Born & raised in the Pacific Northwest

How I pay for groceries: Owner of  Barefoot Marketing.

Family: Married 23 years to the world’s most perfect woman. Dad to the world’s two almost perfect boys

My passion: Writing. My debut novel ROOMS has just released from B&H Fiction. Available at all major bookstores and online from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, CBD, LifeWay, Books A Million, Family Christian Stores, and others.


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Hi Jim, I reviewed your book on my blog and for Librarything. Here is a link.
You should consider establishing an Author Page on Librarything…great exposure.
I just want to say thinak you for writing Rooms. It spoke to me in ways I can not put into words.

Comment by Compulsive Writer

So glad you like ROOMS, and thanks for the Library Thing tip!

Comment by jimrubart

I just finished your novel, Rooms. I started it on the way home from Jackson, MS today and read until we drove up to our home in the DFW area of Texas. Then I continued reading until now (10:30) p.m.! I really loved what you had to say and am planning on purchasing copies to give to some students who are special to me as graduation gifts. Thank you for your faithfulness and than you for writing something that affected me in much the same way as did The Shack. If you have a way to subscribe to your blog, I would like to do so.

Blessings to you and your family!
Glenda Goodwin

Comment by Glenda Goodwin

Thanks so much, Glenda. Soon I’ll have a way to subscribe to my blog!

Comment by jimrubart

Just finished Rooms. I loved it! I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for writing a book with such great characters, imagery and soul. I look forward to your next one.

Comment by Tracey Winter

Thanks, Tracey. Appreciate that so much.

Comment by jimrubart

Jim,mThank you so much for Rooms.I do not know how it happened that it came into my being.Started it early this week as it arrived from the US,oh yes I live in Australia,and it is not yet released here.I found it on a web site and thought it was worth reading,to say I loved it is an understatement.I am a member of a Church,and at times I feel that I am not free,this book will now be read a second time,I will continue to ponder it,and will purchase it as gifts for friends and family,I am loathe to part with my copy.I am so looking forward to your new releases.Great characters,I saw and heard myaelf in this book as a child,don’t we all carry chains,and baggage tho?.Again thank you. Elaine Beard

Comment by Elaine Beard

Thanks so much, Elaine. So glad you liked it.


Comment by jimrubart

Hi James, I am in the middle of your book Rooms and I have been arrested! Arrested to take a deep look into myself – enter the rooms that have been kept under lock and key!

I cannot begin to to explain how much your book is blessing me…

Thanks you so much for writing this book. I wish your other two books were released for summer…

Comment by A. Macdonald


You made my day! I’m so glad you liked it.


Comment by jimrubart

Dear Jim
I have just finished reading Rooms- and I wanted to let you know that it made me take a closer and deeper look at my life and I relize that I have not only been holding back from myself but holding back from God. You have been blessed with an awesome talent from God and I am looking forward to reading more of your material. Thank you and may God bless you. Karen

Comment by Karen Warriner

Hi Jim,

I read a good review (actually several) of your book and wanted to buy it. However, I currently live in Bolivia and I cannot have paper books sent to me. I would prefer an ebook anyway, but it seems not to be possible. I have an ereader that doesn’t read Kindle books, but ePub. Barnes and Noble and Sony sell these but they will not sell to a person outside the USA. Can you advise me where I can buy the book in ePub format without these silly geographic restrictions? I can download it from an illegal source but I rather wouldn’t do that.

Comment by Piet van Oostrum

Mr. Rubart, I want to personally thank you for sharing Gods love in such a unique manner. Rooms was the first novel I had read of yours and I just finished with Book of Days this week. I could not contain the joy Book of Days has provided me with. At times we believe we have forgiven ourselves, yet some small happenstance can find its way into our lives if that forgiveness truly has yet to happen. Amazing work by an Amazing Author, looking forward to your next book. God Bless, Angela

Comment by Angela Smiley

Wow, Angela! Talk about making someone’s day. I’m thrilled that God worked through my books to talk to your heart. 🙂 !!! Jim

Comment by jimrubart

Dear Jim,
I just finished reading Rooms and am amazed and blessed. I picked it up because I live in Oregon and love to read stories set in my state–haystack rock is a vivid picture in my memory, I have a picture of my dad standing on the beach with it in the background. I have been learning to live free in repentance, forgiveness, and the demolishing of strongholds. I look forward to seeing more of God’s destiny worked out in my life as I learn to daily make wise choices about time and listening to the Holy Spirit–this book was very though-provoking and encouraging. Thanks.

Comment by Sue Ricker


So thrilled you like ROOMS. And so cool that you’re stepping into freedom and into your destiny.


Much freedom,


Comment by jimrubart

Dear Jim,
I loved your book Rooms, it really spoke to me and validated what we have been going through these past few years. My husband & I “walked away” from our home this past fall. His income was reduced and we found ourselves behind on mortgage payments. We tried every avenue to try to save our home. We were even ready to file bankruptcy but the trustee denied our repayment plan, he wanted more money per month on top of the regular mortgage payment. At 60yrs of age we both felt we would never keep up with this plan and it would take us forever to pay off our 30yr mortgage. The final straw came when my job fell apart. I worked for 8yrs as a Parish Administrator in a church. The new Rector came in and over time made it clear she wanted a new staff. I was trying to hang in with the job in order to keep up with our mortgage but the stress of knowing I was no longer wanted in my job finally got to me. I gave my termination notice at my job, my husband & I made the decision to let go of our home. We looked for a place to rent fearing that no one would rent to us with our home going into the foreclosure process. But surprisingly everything fell into place. We found a lovely townhome, smaller than our old home but newer and easier to maintain. Our old neighbors came to our aid, helped us through our move and we became closer than ever. The Holy Spirit was/is certainly involved. I have tried to find another job but haven’t had any success but I am so content to be at home after working all these years. I am back to sewing, quilting and making dolls. Most important too is I am there for my16 yr old son who over the years was put into after school care while I worked. He only has two more years at home with us so I want to enjoy this time with him as much as possible. I know I have found my “heart” as Micah found his in Rooms. I am feel more free now that I have let go of the house burden. My mother always told me to write children’s books, she says I have that creative bent. Maybe now I can see if she is right and try to walk down that road, who knows. Anyway thank you for writing Rooms, I really connected to it. I look forward to reading your other books and also your blog. I was also curious about the line in Rooms where you say something to the effect that if there are “rules Christianity becomes religion” After eight years working at a church I came away very turned off. I feel I have gotten more out of your book than I ever did from attending this church. But that’s another long story and I have already rattled on! Thanks again!

Comment by Christine Creeden

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for writing and letting me know the impact ROOMS had on your life. That’s the reason I write, to hopefully allow the Lord to set people free through the novels.

Because I now have a son in college and one that’s sixteen, I can relate to you. Enjoy that time with him, it goes fast.

Much joy,


Comment by jimrubart

Dear Jim,Just finished reading your second book ,”Book of Days”.I notice that in both of your books the principal if free agency comes through very strongly.Of course with the freedom to choose comes the responsibility of facing the consequences of our actions really feel for the main character Cameron,I think that I am facing losing some memories as well.I love the also strong characters who just learn to forgive,what a difficult one that can be.I have lived with the aftermath of a partner cheating big time a lot of years ago,it is sometimes easier to say,I forgive,but very hard to forget,it makes a wall grow around you,I am 69 now,when does the true release from the demons begin?I could go on,but will not take your precious time. Looking for tyhe next book,any in the pipeline? Have a great 2012. Elaine

Comment by Elaine Beard


You’re right, it’s in there … I’m surprised the Calvinist’s haven’t come after me yet. 🙂

Yes, very hard to forget, but the true release has already begun …

Have you had a chance to read The Chair? It came out in September.



Comment by jimrubart

Thanks for the reply Jim.
I am grateful for writers like you that make us evaluate our lives,we all come with baggage. Yes,I ordered The Chair before Christmas,am waiting,waiting. It is so refreshing to read a book that is not carrying any smut, the words are strung together like pearls,again thank you for your encouragement. Elaine

Comment by Elaine Beard

Hi Jim,
I really enjoy your writing. I read your novel “Rooms” last year and just last night finished “Book of Days”. I had to stay up reading last night till 11:30 so I could finish it…I had to see how things ended with the Book of Days. I just ordered “The Chair” and I am looking forward to receiving it and getting started!

Comment by David Dupler

So glad you liked ROOMS and BOOK OF DAYS, Dave! Love to know what you think of THE CHAIR when you finish.

Much freedom,


Comment by jimrubart

Hi Jim, This is my first time on a blog. I just finished Rooms and could barely put it down. Thank you for allowing God to use you! This book ministered to my heart deeper than I can explain….I want more of Jesus in my life.

Comment by Julie

So great to get your note, Julie.

Love to hear how you’re going deeper with Jesus.

Much freedom,


Comment by jimrubart

Thank you Jim for Rooms. Amazing simply amazing. To say its filled with life lessons is an understatement. It tears at my heart as I ache for the freedom only God can give. God bless you. I feel I’ve found a kindred spirit who understands how my heart works.

Comment by Rick

Wow, Rick, so glad to hear ROOMS impacted you. Love the kindred spirit comment as well.

Much joy, much freedom,


Comment by jimrubart

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