Book of Days at a VERY Attractive Price (Free.)
November 23, 2011, 11:36 am
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For a SHORT time, you can snag my second novel, BOOK OF DAYS for free at the iBookstore.

(To read it you’ll need an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or download iTunes on your PC and read it for free that way.)

Here’s the link:

Just thought you might like know.

Hope your Thanksgiving is fab, full of life and joy.



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Book of Days is a great read! I’ve got it in paperback, with Jim’s autograph … better grab it on Kindle but I’m not sure how he’s gonna send out autographed copies on Kindle. He’s probably already got that figured out–that high-tech stuff always did baffle me …
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
You, too, Jim.

Comment by samuelehall

[…] Book of Days at a VERY Attractive Price (Free.) […]

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Is this offer still available? Downloaded iTunes, but can’t acquire the free book. Just finished Rooms and totally enjoyed it. Want to re-read to catch the nuances I inevitably missed. Thank you!

Comment by Pegi

Hi Pegi,

Glad you enjoyed ROOMS!

The iTunes offer is gone, but you can get it right now for free on Kindle.

And if you don’t have a Kindle you can download the app for free on your PC and read it that way.


Comment by jimrubart

read it and loved it i got it on my library e-loan and could not put it down stayed up all night reading!

Comment by Regina

Read it and loved it stayed up all night. Could not put it down!

Comment by Regina Gail Blevins

So glad you liked it!

Comment by jimrubart

Great book. Just finished it this afternoon. Going to have to get your other books, now.

Comment by Ross

So glad you liked it, Ross!

Comment by jimrubart

I just finished reading Rooms, it was a great book. It made me realize what is most important in my life. My wife and I are raising two kids, 7 and 4, and our 4 year old is a special needs little girl. Both of our kids are so precious and so loving that I am amazed every second I spend with them. We have been so consumed with my daughters disabilities that we kind of put our spiritual side on hold. After reading the book, it has helped me put my priorities in life; Lord and family. Although we struggle at times financially, I know I feel like the richest person on earth with all the love that we share in our home. Its time we get back on that right path, the path of our Lord and Savior.

Comment by Leo

So cool you liked ROOMS, Leo. I appreciate you letting me know.

Much freedom,


Comment by jimrubart

My mom got me all three of your books for my 16th birthday and she got you to sign all three of them. I read Rooms and just finished Book of Days today. They are both amazing books! So amazing in fact that they have convinced me to accept Christ fully and truly search for him and the freedom that he offers all of us. I have been a Christain for as long as I can remember, but always felt the relationship as empty, until I read your books and realized that God was truly seeking me out and that I just needed to decide to accept him. And now I can’t wait to read the Chair!
Thank you for writing these books!
You are officially my favorite author!

Comment by Ryan Samson

Wow, Ryan, you made my month. Thrilled that you liked ROOMS and Book of Days, more thrilled to hear you’re going deeper with Jesus. You’re right, he’s passionately seeking you out and passionately in love with you!

Much freedom,


Comment by jimrubart

Book of Days is one of the most fantastic book I have ever read, it really makes you thinkI could hardly put it down I do believe there is this book in Heaven and when your name comes up you go to Heaven, I do plan on reading it again and again even if I do know the ending. I love your books all of them

Comment by Lois Klobucher

Ah, thanks, Lois! Appreciate that so much.

Comment by jimrubart

Jim, just finished “Book of Days.” I now know a lot more about rock climbing than I did when I started your book. I am also gripped with the question, why does all the weird stuff happen in Oregon?

I love a good story, and thoroughly enjoyed this one!
Lynn DeShazo

Comment by Lynn DeShazo

I know! Can’t something weird happen somewhere else? Well, it does in The Chair. (Colorado.)

So glad you liked Book of Days, Lynn.

Comment by jimrubart

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