A Dream That Came Alive
July 29, 2011, 5:00 am
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I’ve wanted a dirt bike since I was five. Okay, maybe not five—it was more like three.

Growing up, I knew it wouldn’t ever happen.

No way.

Not while I lived with my parents. My mom was not a fan of the two-wheeled neck breakers. I was strictly forbidden from ever getting on a motorcycle. It was a non-negotiable.

(No, I won’t mention the time during high school I jumped on friend’s street bike and screamed past my mom who just happened to be traveling the same road going the opposite direction. Dinner was not fun that night. Nor breakfast the next morning, etc, etc.)

But four years ago I did something about that dream that kept flitting around my heart; I bought  dirt bikes for my boys and me.

We’ve all wiped out multiple times.

I’ve hurt myself—badly.

The bikes take work to maintain.

Is it worth it? Are you kidding? They’ve given us eternal memories that are gold. The first time Taylor and Micah rode out in front of me I couldn’t stop a massive grin from bursting out on my face. It was so fun. So freeing. So full of life.

It was just a small dream. To ride dirt bikes with

my sons. But it came true because I stopped putting it off and took action. And when Micah said it was the best gift I’d ever given Taylor and him, I smiled that big goofy grin again.

What’s yours? That little dream you’ve been meaning to do for years. That dream that won’t go away.

That dream that whispers to you just before you go to sleep.

I’d love to know what it is. And I’d love to see it come true.


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what a great story. Thanks for sharing. I have two dreams, one I have no control over – that my fragmented, wayward child would find his way back to God. My other dream is to hear the words “your book touched my heart and changed me.” Im working hard on the second one. I know God is working on the first one.

Comment by Jan Cline

So glad you are living your dream, no matter the cost, the time, the work, nor the pain it may sometimes cause. That is a true gift to yourself and to your sons!

You are now helping others see they can do the same no matter their age or stage!

I always wanted to speak and write and now I am getting to do that and be able to give back to others with the income, and impact change in the lives of others for a lifetime! What a gift!

Thanks Jim for sharing we can all live our dreams! What are we waiting for? Time to do it!

Comment by Sue Falcone

Ha! Love the story of you driving past your mom….as mom’s, we sometimes pray that our children’s sins “will find them out,” as it says in Numbers 32:23.

Comment by Connie@raise your eyes

My dream…..to finally begin writing the story God has given me (in a dream, no less!) to write. My dream has not even begun yet…when I try to sit down and write, I go completely blank, yet when I least expect it (and there is no pen or paper or writing accessory to use!) inspiration hits and I sit down to write it out, only to lose it once again. I pray and try and will myself to just do it…to simply write. But that voice that whispers/speaks/shouts at me that I am not worthy of such a God given gift becomes a feeling which becomes an action resulting in my inaction. Anyone can be a writer, but people don’t understand what it means to be an author…and for that Mr. Rubart, I commend you! God bless and keep you safe! ❤

Comment by Kristina

Just finished Rooms and went on your Blog. The motorcycle story brought back great memories. I recently turned 70 (hard to believe that). My dad bought a couple of small Yamaha’s when I was about 18. My dad was a lot like your dad and when we started riding I say my dad as a kid for the first time. I rode with my sons for almost 15 years and we also have eternal memories and stories of the fun, being lost, and enjoying campfires that resulted from that experience. We gave up the bikes when we moved to the Northwest from So Cal and traded for ski’s.

God is good. Thank you for the reminder.

Comment by Darryl Hill

I love your line, “I saw my dad as a kid for the first time.” Great to hear your story, Darryl!

Comment by jimrubart

[…] post first appeared on Jim’s blog, July 29, 2011. Used by kind […]

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