Dreams That Die
July 26, 2011, 5:00 am
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In May of 2001 a friend called with a fun invitation. “You and Darci want to go to eastern Washington with us this weekend? We’re going to look for property around Lake Chelan.”

Lake Chelan is in the middle of Washington State. It’s a summer Mecca for tourists looking for sun, water adventures, and great family memories.

To have a vacation home there? Slice of paradise.

My friend and his wife had dreamed of having a place in Chelan for eons—and ten years ago they’d inherited enough money to buy a nice chunk of land and build a very fine summer casa. Darci and I thought it would be fun to go along and watch our friend’s dream come true.

We spent two days looking at land with them and had a blast. A month later our friends bought a half acre overlooking Lake Chelan.

Gorgeous view. Close to the small town of Manson.

A few weeks ago I was in Chelan and on a whim drove by my friend’s property. We lost touch five or six years ago and I wanted to see what he’d done with his land.

When I reached his property my heart sank. No house. No building permit signs. There was a sign, but it said For Sale.

I wondered what happened. Did they lose their inheritance money in a bad stock deal? Did they keep putting off building until they felt it was too late for them and their kids? Were they never able to decide on house plans?

Why did the dream die?

As I drove away I realized I’ve done the same thing. Many times. So have you.

We’ve let life crowd out our dreams.

We’ve let our regimented schedules get in the way of our beautiful visions.

We’ve let circumstances eat away at our someday isles till there is no sand left.

I regret letting some of my dreams disappear, but the other day my youngest son reminded me of one that came true. “Dad, those are the best gifts you’ve ever bought Taylor and I.”

Stay tuned, in a few days I’ll tell you all about it.


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Thanks, Jim…my dreams are not always so concrete…example:
Yesterday AM I woke up dreaming I was in Atlanta, delivering my soaps to the Trade Mart, and I was STARTLED because everywhere on the streets, in the offices, and car/traffic, the whole town was singing “I Love You Lord”….and “I lift my voice”…now isn’t that a crazy dream, all singing together, on the ssame note, EVERYWHERE! Glimpse of Heaven, or just a dream? And today another one of those “glimpses” dreams…oh well, I enjoyed your post, caused me to think about my own lost dreams…..Thank You.

Comment by Bonnie

Dream on, Bonnie! Hey, maybe your vision will come true in heaven. Jim

Comment by jimrubart

Great message Jim! I am doing some exciting workshops on this very topic- Are You Living Your Dreams! You have encouraged me to keep dreaming new dreams to replace the ones we might have let get away; and can’t wait to hear the about the gifts!
Have a great week!
“Simply” Sue

Comment by Sue Falcone


Great to hear from you!

Yes, keep dreaming, you’re awesome,


Comment by jimrubart

Thank you Jim.I have always dreamed of singing with an orchestra,however life did not have that in mind for me.I have sung many times,but recently feel that my voice has died,for want of a better description.Sadness does that!Now I am struggling to learn Italian,I really am struggling,but it is a dream to go to Italy,I will be 69 in a few days,so feel time is running out.Money has always been the object,the lack of it.But I will push on regardless.Any new books in the pipeline?

Comment by Elaine Beard


What a cool dream. By learning Italian you are living in the dream even before it happens. (I want to see pics when you go.)

Yes, my third book THE CHAIR, comes out September 15th. It’s available for pre-purchase on Amazon, B&N, CBD, etc., but won’t ship till mid September. Thanks for asking.


Comment by jimrubart

So true. For years, I let my dream of writing fiction die (or at least hibernate) because I “had” to do my schoolwork perfectly. By the time I got through with my perfectionly done homework, there was no energy left for my passion.

Finally, I decided to pursue my dream, and not even pregnancy or postpartum exhaustion or discouragement stood in my way. (Though they did make it a tiring process!) Even though I’m still pursuing publication (another exhausting process, as you know) and the dream of seeing my novel published hasn’t happened yet, I still dream and press on with a second novel.

Comment by lauradroege

You nailed it, Laura.

Comment by jimrubart

I think the only really sad part about getting distracted from our dreams is when we dont learn from it. The really fantastic thing about losing a dream is that God restores them when we show Him we have learned and truly want to try again. If at first you don’t succeed, flip, flip again! My back is sore, but it is well worth the effort. 🙂
Love ya

Comment by Jan Cline

Well said, Jan.

Comment by jimrubart

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