Who We Are
May 6, 2011, 4:28 pm
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We are glorious beyond belief and we are nothing,

We are a galaxy, and but a mite of dust,

We are children of the King of kings, and a slave to the least of those who walk the earth,

We are joy and sorrow,

Peace and war,

And in the end we are nothing,

And in the end we are everything because of Him who is all, and is Life and is the fulfillment of our every longing.


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You’ve really captured the paradox of being human with your words, Jim. It’s humbling and exciting to think about this!

Comment by Laura K. Droege

Indeed it is, Laura.

Comment by jimrubart

So true – great encouragement.

Comment by Marilyn

Thanks, Marilyn.

Comment by jimrubart

That almost makes us sound like we are God, but not. God is glorious and I am not. I’m fine with that. God is everywhere and I am not. I’m fine with that too. If we are the children of the King of kings, we are not slaves to the least. And we are certainly not everything. Even God doesn’t call himself everything because there are things that he is not.

Comment by Timothy Fish

I love your book “Rooms”! I have the audiobook version. Please keep writing, Mr. Rubart!
There are so many amazing things happening NOW, right before our eyes! Daniel 12:4 is happening as I write this!
Have you read about the infiltration of Iran’s computers by two malignant viruses – Stuxnet and Stars? Perhaps we are given a little more time for the world to repent!

Comment by Pat Davidson

Thanks, Pat! Appreciate your words! Jim

Comment by jimrubart

Love this Jim, I am everything because I’m crucified with Christ and He lives in me.

Comment by Audra Krell

Isn’t that wild to think about? He is in us!

Comment by jimrubart

Isn’t it wonderful? We are nothing but we are everything in Jesus. Well said.

Comment by Sharon

Just stayed up WAY past my bedtime to finish reading “Rooms”. I couldn’t put it down! What a beautiful, refreshing, honest and challenging story of TRUE freedom in Christ. My heart has been stirred; Praise God! Thank you!

Comment by Hannah

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for making my day! So glad you liked ROOMS.

Live free!


Comment by jimrubart

Hi Jim,
I met you in a dark part of my life when I was at a full gospel retreat out at Fort Flagler. That was sometime ago and I just finished your book. Thank you for the great read. I was wonderful.
A little more free,

Comment by Samuel Pennoyer


So cool to hear you’re pushing into more freedom. You are so worth it!


Comment by jimrubart

You have the heart of a poet! I knew that πŸ™‚ I love these words and it reminds me that who I am is totally dependent on who He is and what He did for me.
Thanks my friend.

Comment by Jan Cline

Love ya, Jan!

Comment by jimrubart


Comment by Jan Cline

I just finished reading your book, Rooms, and must admit I am very stirred in my heart. I am a long time follower and believer of Jesus Christ but realized thru your novel that I, too, have hidden rooms in my heart that I have avoided. Places where I have not allowed the Lord access… times when I have listened to the wrong voice and believed the lies of the enemy. I am inspired to press in, past the fear and allow the light of the Holy Spirit to fully illuminate my soul so that like Micah, I too, can experience true freedom, one room at a time. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement..

Comment by Lynnie Hooks


So great to hear Jesus is stirring things in your heart and leading you into freedom!


Comment by jimrubart

PRAISE GOD !! Because if Him we are, all we are and everything we will be. I was over whelmed with your book “Rooms” I have had it for weeks and finally picked it up to read and it paralleled what my Father has been doing in my life. I can’t tell you the blessing the read was to me. i experienced the freedom!! Thank you for letting God us you to write such a precious book.

Comment by Marsha Dickerman

So glad you liked, ROOMS, Marsha!

Seeing people set free was the whole reason I wrote the novel.

Thanks for your kind words,


Comment by jimrubart

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