Stickers Too Cool To Use
February 8, 2011, 2:16 am
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When I was ten years (1973) old I got a set of stickers that were over the top cool. They were customized.

Yep. Each sticker said things like, ―Far out, Jim!‖ ―LOVE Jim!‖ ―Genius Jim Award!

Now you understand my post headline, don’t you? I couldn’t use stickers like these just anywhere. No way. I had to find the perfect place. So I held onto them.

Weeks. Months. Years. Uh, yes, decades.

I found them recently, thirty years later, in a shoe box stuffed with hot wheels and other childhood memories. And I had a light bulb moment.

I have a friend that says anything worth doing, is worth doing badly. In other words, the perfectt moment to attempt something, the perfect circumstances to use your gifts almost never happens. The planets rarely align while birds outside your window sing Handel’s Messiah, signaling you to take action.

Maybe never.

You’re probably never going to get it exactly right. But if you take action, even the tiniest action, at least you’ve done something.

So peel off your favorite sticker and use it. Today. God says walk as wise men and make the most of your time (stickers) because the days are evil.

My stickers? I was in the garage when I found them, so now they’re on the sides of my table saw.

Pretty groovy huh?


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Love it! Funny how things come to us in the timing God intends all along! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing you at BRMCWC!
“Simply” Sue

Comment by "Simply" Sue

Just finished reading “Rooms”. All I can say is thank you…and “Wow…”

Comment by Lindsay

So glad you liked it, Lindsay!

Comment by jimrubart

I just finished “Rooms” and it was amazing. I am praying that it will help me to start my own healing process. Thanks Jim. Keep writing!

Comment by bb


So glad you liked it!

Thanks for the encouragement on writing. Book of Days just came out, and my third novel, The Chair hits shelves in Oct, so the journey is indeed continuing.


Comment by jimrubart

I have to say that I prayed for this book. I mean, I prayed that God would show me that there is at least one author out there somewhere that understands the Christian walk and writes about it in a way that promotes practical application. I saw the title Rooms and just picked this book up randomly, and I’m so glad that I did. Answered prayer, again, of course. Thank you.

Comment by Peggy Wagers

So cool! So glad you like it, Peggy!


Comment by jimrubart

I found your book in the library, and now I’m going to buy a copy because this book has entered my top ten favorite books to reread. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into writing such a powerful book. Blessings to you.

Comment by Stephanie Fischer

My first E-mail was about “Rooms”. To my delight you have other books I intend to track down. Joy overflowing to you as you continue to write.

Comment by Stephanie Fischer

Thanks, Stephanie. Appreciate it much,


Comment by jimrubart

i have a notebook that i’ve held onto for years. It’s a beautiful, nice notebook, and i was planning on filling it with poetry to glorify God. However, none of the poems i wrote seemed to be good enough for “THE NOTEBOOK”, and eventually poetry fell to the wayside as the other duties of life took over. like your stickers, i’ve decided to take action! the poems are for God, so why should it matter if they aren’t prize winning material?
I just finished reading Rooms and i wanted to thank you on this wonderful piece of literature. it has rebirthed my passion to seek God again…thank you 🙂

Comment by mckenzie

Great story, McKenzie. Fill the journal! And I’m thrilled you liked ROOMS.


Comment by jimrubart

I just finished reading Rooms it was incredible and some of the things that happened to Michah really hit home. I started it yesterday and finished it this evening. I look forward to reading your new book the Chair

Comment by Brian


I’m thrilled you liked ROOMS! Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah, I”m excited about THE CHAIR. Some people like ROOMS better, some people like BOOK OF DAYS better, so it will be fun to see where readers place THE CHAIR.

Much freedom,


Comment by jimrubart

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