Grab The Ring
October 25, 2010, 7:35 pm
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What’s the one thing you know you need to do? That thing that scares you. The thing that would set up free if you did it.

It’s time. For all of us; to leap for the ring. Grab it hard. Don’t let go. Never.

It’s beyond your ability? Good. When it comes true you’ll know it wasn’t on your strength alone.

You’re afraid of failing? There isn’t any such thing as failing. In taking action there is success that cannot be diminished by outcomes.

Grab the ring, it was made for you.


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Thank you for your encouraging words! I was blessed by your post!

Comment by Jo Rae Johnson

I am doing lots of things that scare me but you are absolutely right, when it happens, God gets all the glory.

Comment by Marilyn

I am so confused that I don’t even know what the ring is I should be grabbing and holding onto. Obviously, God and Jesus are to be my strength and hope for each and every moment; but I’m not able to access and hold onto any of that.

Comment by Donna

[…] Check out the full post on Jim's blog! […]

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The ONE thing that I need to do but am afraid of doing? Try the DOZEN things! Oh, say, like querying more agents, etc., etc. But I’ll do it, despite all the gloom-and-doom people who rant how hard it is to get published. So I know that if I do happen to get published, I’ll know it wasn’t me but God.

Comment by lauradroege

Do it, Laura, just do it!

Comment by jimrubart

Well, I am doing it. šŸ™‚ And I’m getting a bit better about taking the rejection notices, too. (It helps that an agent requested a partial; even though she passed on it, it was still encouraging. I walked around with a dopey smile on my face when she requested it, thinking, wow, this could conceivably happen!)

Comment by lauradroege

I needed this post this morning–this early:) Headed out to an interview today for a freelance writer and not sure at all if it is something I can or want to do because of fear. Thanks for the encouragement.

Comment by territiffany

Focus on the truth, Terri! Let us know how the interview goes.


Comment by jimrubart

Hi Jim… I grabbed for the ring when I was twenty and, much to my surprise, I got it. Little did I know that there was a golden string attached to it and it pulled me into and through a life of creativity that I didn’t even know existed. I held on tight to that ring and never questioned who was on the other end of the golden string. All I knew was, it went up.
I am now just months away from my eightieth birthday and I still have a firm hold on my prize. It has taken me from the mountains of Kentucky to the towering buildings of Chicago by the way of Hollywood, New York and back to my precious South. I have designed campaigns, created brands, produced film and through it all, (like any good Kentuckian) I wrote and told stories. Friendly, fictional and poignant little stories about the people I met along the way.
Recently,( one year ago) my ring tugged again and challenged me to put all my people and their stories into one novel. It scared me at first but the ring had never let me down and I just finished it. It is some two hundred and ten pages long. I’m sure that you, with all that you have done, would find it semi-amateurish and naive in places, but it’s fun and inspirational. It’s called “The Miracle of Saint Lucy” and is the story of a bone-white mule who may or may not have been heaven-sent to straighten out a bunch of mountain folks who were a little bit out-of-plum. I’m now in the process of learning what I need to learn about publishing. After reading “Rooms”, I know that any advice or suggestions you might have would be of great value to me. Thank you sincerely… Bob Jones

Comment by Robert J. Jones

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