August 5, 2010, 5:06 am
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Utterly engulfed,

And wanting more,




With the vastness of Love,

Losing myself as the waves wash over me,

Through me,


Caught up in a hurricane of overwhelming peace,

I have let go,

And He has found me.


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wish I was there.
I am floating in a sea of despair, lost.

Comment by Jean

I hope that you find hope, Jean.

Comment by lauradroege


A place I’ve been. But He can find you there,


Comment by jimrubart

Beautiful poem, Jim.

Comment by lauradroege

Thanks, Laura. Hope all is well in your world.

Comment by jimrubart

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Jim, that is a beatiful poem. Have you really experienced that feeling with GOD? I have!!! GOD gave me the gift of his presents in a dream/vision that is kind of like this poem. I ecperience this when I really need a break from this world. I have been cured of Leukekia AML. By my Lord and Saviour!!! I was first diagnosed in Jan of this year, 2010. I also was given a promise from GOD that day that I was cured, but that I needed to go through the process so that I would help other people, my family and friends. He has been amazing through all of this these past 7 months. On August 11, 2010 I was declared cancer free and that I did not have to have more treatments!!! Praise GOD!!! During this time, my relationship with GOD has changed Drasticly!!! He has blessed me with visions and truths. I know he whats me to share with others my experiences with him in my life. I have so much to say but don’t know where to start.

Comment by Kathy DeLong


Yes, I have experienced that. I wrote that poem YEARS ago after an incredibly intense and joyful time with the Lord.

So cool to hear bout your healing!


Comment by jimrubart

Jim, I just finished ROOMS…stopped so many times to ponder a line…a scene…amazing story!

Comment by Connie Mace


So glad you’re liking it!

You’ll have to let me know if you still feel the same way when you finish. 🙂


Comment by jimrubart

Okay, I read your post too fast! You DID finish it! And I’m still glad you liked it. 🙂

Comment by jimrubart

I just finished reading Rooms. I am currently living in Cannon Beach so I found it funny when I was drawn to a book by it’s cover.. I didn’t even read the back of it to know where it all took place. I just liked the cover and I picked it up for a good read. And it was a really good read. The poem that you have in this blog post, really describes what I am feeling now. I have been working at the Christian Conference Center in Cannon Beach since May and God has been changing a lot in my life. This book really gives a great description of God’s amazing love for us! Like Micah I lost my mother when I was young and turned my back on everything good. And through the last four or five years God has really broken through the walls to reach my heart. I really liked your book. Thank you.

Comment by Gabrielle

God’s timing is amazing !! I bet you didn’t know when you wrote this book that on March 18, 2011 someone in Ky. would receive confirmation from God thru your book….. again, AMAZING !!
His love surpasses all understanding. I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thanks so much.

Comment by Slenda Lacy


So cool to hear that! He is Lord, He is King!


Comment by jimrubart

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