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March 7, 2010, 9:23 pm
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“Can you give me any money?”

My wife  looked at the homeless guy sitting on the curb and said, “You look hungry.”

“Yeah, do you have any change?”

“What do you like to eat?”

“Jo, jos.”

“I’ll be right back.”

She came out of the store ten minutes later with a meal for the guy. Why didn’t she just give him money? Because she knew he’d probably buy booze. Knowing that would have been a good excuse to refuse and keep on moving. Which I do. Which most people do.

Jesus says a cup of cold water given in His name has significance.

Or as St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.”


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I love the St. Francis quote. I’m trying to teach my children to live the gospel as well. I have to admit I would have perhaps sprung for a bottle of his favorite beverage as well as the meal. It’s a judgement call I guess. I could be wrong, but maybe not!

Comment by Shelley Aguilar

kudos to your wife for putting feet to her faith!

Comment by rose mccauley

Your wife has the right idea. My wife and I try to keep Burger King gift cards in our cars to give out. It might not be the most nutritional meal but it’s food.
I love to give somebody food or a gift card, sometimes they don’t know how to react. They’d rather have the money to get what they want but most of them appreciate the food because they know it’s what they need.
What you do for the least of them……

Comment by Traveler

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