I’m an Old Man
March 4, 2010, 2:18 am
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This afternoon my youngest son, Micah, said “I”m getting faster, Dad. Let’s race.”

So we get set, fingers digging into the asphalt in front of our home. I’m thinking, do I let him win. Nah. That’d be a lie. He’ll beat me soon enough.

A few second later my wife yells, “Go!” and we take off. It takes me about three seconds to realize I’m going full out and we’re even, stride for stride. I give it more. Unfortunately, there’s nothing available. For me. For Micah there’s a slightly higher gear.

He beats me by a couple of yards but it might as well have been a couple of miles. My days are over.

But I can still water-ski better than he can.

At least till this summer.


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Jim, so excited about the release of your novel! What a wonderful buzz you’ve gotten!

May we strive forward and honor God!

When you have time, would love you to visit my blog.

Comment by Patti Lacy

I’m looking forward to checking out the new book, Jim!
Your story about Micah reminded me about my daughter at 14 asking me how many push-ups I could do. My cocky response: Let’s get down on the ground and go head to head and find out what Dad can do!
Long story short, I barely could pull off 28 and collapsed. I look over at her and she is waiting in the “up” position and asks, how many I did. I tell her 28 and she says okay and quits. I ask how many she did, she says, I did 30 and then just waited for you to see if I needed to do more”
I had just been beaten in push-ups by a 14 year old girl!!!
I am all in for some water skiing this summer! Just give me a call!

Comment by Steve Thompson

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