What Fear Holds You Back?
February 20, 2010, 4:00 am
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Why did I wait?

My first novel, ROOMS, will be published in April.

It’s a dream I’ve had since I devoured the Chronicles of Narnia in 5th grade.

Here’s what I did with my writing in my teens and into adulthood:
•    I subscribed to Writer’s Digest
•    I bought books on writing prose and screenplays
•    I scribbled a few short stories
•    I went to writer’s workshops
•    In ’92 I wrote a Seinfeld episode with a buddy on a whim which ended up in the hands of a prominent L.A. TV writer who said we had true talent
•    I wrote Web sites, radio ads, brochures, letters and TV ads for a living

But my dream of writing a novel? I did nothing. NOTHING!

(Well, I did think about it. A lot. And carried around this sack of nine-hundred pound guilt because I knew I should be taking action.)

Finally in the spring of ’06 I went to my first writing conference. By summer I had three agents interested in repping me. In September of that year I signed with a fourth. A little less than two years later I had a contract for ROOMS.

Isn’t it Gretzky that says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”? You nailed it, Great One.

Is your dream is sitting in the back of a dark rusted shut drawer somewhere? What is it?

Grab the crowbar, let’s get moving.


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Well said. I look forward to hearing more at the Quad Cities Christian Writer’s Conference in April.

Comment by Marie Tschopp

and it is an AWESOME book!!!! 5 stars!!

Comment by Cindy

I just discovered you through my friend Pam Meyers and I’ve ordered your book ROOMS from Amazon.com. Can’t wait to get it!

Comment by MaryLou

Thanks, Mary Lou! Love to know what you think when you’re finished.

Comment by jimrubart

I read this book yesterday on Kindle ($0.00 – best money I ever spent!)

This is a five star book indeed. What if we could go back and recapture the life God intended for us? Would we give up all we have for it? In Micah’s case, he began to lose his memories of his old existence. If God had allowed him to remember it, would he still have longed for it, even though he recognized God’s idea was far better for him?

However, I did not understand the ending with the new house being built. What was the significance of that? I finished the book at 1:00 am, so perhaps I missed something here?

I’m looking forward to you next books! I will definitely read them.

Comment by Delese

I,too, am confounded by the ending with the new house being built. Please enlighten me.

Comment by M. Wylie

The new house is being built by the same company (Hale & Sons) that build Micah’s home which implies that someone else is going to soon have a home that will be a physical manifestation of their soul. It also leaves a slight opening for a sequel, should I ever decide to do that.

Comment by jimrubart

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? (Hitting self in head!)

Will be anxiously awaiting the sequel.

Comment by delese

Jim, thank you for writing “Rooms”. It is having a powerful effect on my heart. I look forward to your next book. While I’m waiting I have checked out some of the books you listed on your website as the cloud that had formed over my ablility of focus to read has been lifted.

Comment by Jean

So glad you liked it, Jean! 🙂

Comment by jimrubart

I have no clue if you will read this comment but months ago I picked up Rooms at the bookstore by chance. I literally went to get some required school reading and picked a random book because something told me to. Rooms was an amazing book. I finally picked it up yesterday and read it completely through. You are an extremely talented writer! The storyline was genius. Anyways, I wanted to thank you. I have (and still sort of am) afraid of making a connection with the Lord in fear of rejection, or plainly, no voice back. Your book has given me courage to face my fears. I think everyone can relate to Micah in a way. Im afraid the Lord will take away my dreams. Yet, then again what are my dreams? How could they match up to His? Your book has raised questions for me and I bet for many others. Thank you!

Comment by Sarah

Sarah, (great name!)

Thanks so much for taking the time to write, and I’m sorry for the slow response.

You made my day,


Comment by jimrubart

Just finished your book Rooms. I knew it was going to be a good book. It was excellent. Wish I did not have to wait until late next year for The Chair. I hope you do a sequel to rooms.

Comment by Nancy Adams

Thanks, Nancy! Appreciate that so much.

The Chair doesn’t come out till fall ’11, but Book of Days comes out this coming January.


Comment by jimrubart

Hi Nancy,

I’m writing The Chair right now. Sorry it will be so long till it comes out, but remember, Book of Days comes out in January.

You can tell that I left room for a sequel to ROOMS. Maybe someday.


Comment by jimrubart

[…] post first appeared February 20, 2010 on Jim’s Blog. Used by kind […]

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