October 26, 2008, 9:51 pm
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Don’t be overwhelmed with the massive volume of posts.

Seriously, thanks for checking.

The plan is to start posting on a regular basis soon. Please don’t ask me to define soon.




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This was a very meaningful post, Mr. Rupert. My life was changed. I’m thinking of committing it to memory, so I’ll always have it with me, sort of a north star, guiding my life. Thank you for giving me purpose and hope. -Melvin

Comment by Melvin P. Hickenlooper

I am overwhelmed by your verbiage. I must go lay down now.

Comment by Mary DeMuth

I knew you had the “meaning of life” in your back pocket! You’ve been holding out on us, until now!!

Comment by Jamie Carie

Massive. For sure.

This Melvin guy sure doesn’t have much of a life, now does he? Maybe he should change his name to Chip. Might meet more friends that way.

Comment by Ashley

I guess I missed something somewhere. But then, I do that a lot. But I REALLY like the way this Hockenberger guy thinks. He is a guy, isn’t he?

Comment by Tim Riter

My life will forever be changed. thank you for your amazing words. I have taken them to heart.

Comment by Taylor

Dude, you crack me up. 🙂

Comment by Dineen Miller

Hey Jim, check out my recent video:


Comment by Cookware

Sorry Jim, but this is WAY LAME! You have to start posting!!!! Whatever!!!!

Comment by Mary DeMuth

Thank you. I am renting the movie Bagger Vance this weekend, and then stepping out of the shadows. Bless you.

Comment by Traci

Thank you Jim for the fabulous seminar yesterday in Lynden! It was refreshing, refueling, restoring and renewing! I can’t wait to read your book! Have a wonderful week!

Comment by Monique Newman

I read a comment by you on the Writers’ View and popped over to your blog for more words of wisdom. Soooooooo disappointed. Your “soon” is alot like my “soon” which means… you’re very busy or you’re a procrastinator.

Comment by jess

Soon = 9 months (and counting!)

Comment by Melodee

Jim’s blog keeps getting more intense.

Comment by Ashley Weis

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